Lets face it, most of us have not hit the lotto, created a new program that has vaulted us to monumental financial freedom, or created the new instagram, facebook, etc….  However, for most of us, we still have our passions, desires, and unrelenting will to dream.  This blog is here to deliver products of generalized categories that are not so general.  The products on this site are here because the have met the following criteria of either being unique, innovative, or just downright freaking COOL….

From gadgets to electronics, and vehicles to accessories.  I have lived an eclectic lifestyle, for much of it I am grateful.  I am often asked for my opinion on various subjects.  I have traveled throughout most of the US and many places outside this great country.  Being a retired professional race car driver (injury), US Marine, college graduate, and overall enthusiast for cool stuff; I feel that my reputation for finding and doing fun/cool stuff warrants my authority to those who do not personally know me.  As a result, I have decided to expand my opinions from the micro version of people who I am in direct contact with, to the macro version of the masses.

I will also highlight those items that I have tried and tested myself.  These items will be easily recognized and will have my unbiased perspective on how they performed for me and the rigors or uses that I put these products through. Hopefully this will help you (the reader) in the event you are considering purchasing something from the respective subjects and even possibly considering purchasing the specific item highlighted or reviewed.

Thank you for stopping by, please feel free to add your advice, good or bad, and if you have something constructive to say on how this blog can be improved, or a new product you would like me to review personally, please do not hesitate to ask.