Driving Simulator Playseat GT G27

The ultimate gaming accessory for racers!!!1



Special Edition MIM Fat Strat on Bench

Special Edition MIM Fat Strat on Bench (Photo credit: Roadside Guitars)

Maybe I am bias because I am a fan of racing and have always been an avid enthusiast of unique watches.  However, not long after signing up on the TSOVET mailing list, I received an invitation to buy this watch.  As if the watch alone was not tempting me, but also that this company understands what it means to run a limited edition by making only 51 pieces that are individually numbered.  Oh…. what I would give, to be one of the lucky 51.  LIMITED TO 51 PCS WORLDWIDE

DELIVERY: JUNE 1st – JULY 7th, 2012



Always on the cutting edge, of how to capture every moment with the greatest of ease. This company has yet to disappoint, and if you happen to not have had the opportunity to experience a GoPro camera and all of its accessory glory. I suggest you start, and you can easily have a chance at winning every item they make, as they give away there entire product line to one lucky winner EVERY day….. Good Luck!!!

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